Listen to the single “Eyes Open Wide”


  1. Prelude To Hell
  2. Soul Sucker
  3. Freakin’ Out Of Hell
  4. Sweet Unknown
  5. Off The Beaten Path
  6. Hollow Space
  7. If You Say Yes
  8. Eyes Open Wide
  9. The Devil’s Doorbell
  10. Fallen From Grace
  11. One Eyed Jack
  12. Fire Wars (Mazinkaiser OST) – Japanese Bonus Track
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Freakin’ Out Of Hell

Release Date : 9 Dicembre 2022
Catalog ref. : RS CD155
Format : CD

“Freakin’ Out Of Hell is a solid work from every point of view. Not only the songs are all potential singles, but they have more or less the same average length of 4/5 minutes; we avoided recording the classic long suite just as much as the hit-and-run happier song because in this album we have found the perfect balance between all the elements of our sound. We have also set the average level of heaviness and aggression a bit higher; this is not a happy metal record, it’s a heavy metal piece that fully deserves this definition.”